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Commercial proposal 1.




We work in Japanese auction system directly without intermediators! 

We suggest simple and transparent scheme of purchase of automobiles from Japanese auctions:

The first commercial proposal for supply of used cars from Japan (advantageous for low budget automobile).

5%-cars: Automobile cost involves the following:

Automobile cost from the auction + 5% (imperial tax). If automobile cost exceeds 1.000.000 JPY, imperial tax will come to 4%.

  1. Auction charge 13.000 JPY (fixed regardless of the auction).

    Delivery charge from auction location to the port of loading (price table: http://www.ck-auto.ru/contentid-24.html)

    Freight 320 USD (converted into JPY at the rate of TTB of Tokyo-Mitsubishi Bank as of the date of automobile purchase   http://www.murc.jp/fx/index.php)

    -         Automobile delivery to Port Vladivostok and Port Nakhodka (at will) is made from all Japanese ports, inclusive of Port Toyama.

    The payment should be necessary made within 5 banking days from the moment of automobile purchase from Japanese auction. The payment could be made either in Vladivostok or by bankers remittance to Japan. The payment is made at currency rate of Tokyo-Mitsubishi Bank as of the payment date.

    Fringe service:

    With automobile purchase, on the next day we send the status (the balance) displayed detailed information of purchased automobile.

    We make photo-inspection of all automobiles after its delivery to our parking area in Japan.

    By the customers request we change tires.

    Car tuning, splashguards, spoilers, stereo (we buy all components at Japanese prices).

    By the customers request we make full logistics of automobile delivery to the parking area in Vladivostok or to the port of wagon loading.

    This purchase system can be changed according to a number of purchases and desire to work.

    Best regards, lead managers of the project:

Our representation in Japan:

CK Co., Ltd

Address: 930-0107 Japan, Toyama ken, Toyama shi, Otsuka nishi 317

Telephone: +81-90-80-999-075,  +81-76-4271-025  fax: +81-76-4271-026 Aleksandr

e-mail: info@ck-auto.ru

Our representation in Vladivostok:

"CK Co., Ltd

The office is located in car marketplace Zelenyi ugol

690069, Vladivostok, Neibuta st., 87a.

Telephone/fax: 8 (4232) 44-90-90

Telephone: 8 (4232) 44-93-32, 938-222, 959-222

e-mail: info@ck-auto.ru


Vladivostok, Neibuta street, 87. tel 8 (423) 244-93-32, 8 (423) 244-90-90

email: info@ck-auto.ru
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